Moving for elders can come as a result of several things but the most common case is downsizing. Whether you are living with your elder relative or he/she is living alone, moving for whatever reason is quite a challenge for them; it means bidding farewell to a place they’ve called home for decades. Aside from that, there is the special consideration for seniors given their physical condition and health fortitude. Here are a couple of tips to work with when you hire a moving company in Barrie to help you move with seniors:


One of the most crucial things when the time comes to move with seniors is the parking process. Depending on their personal strength, senior relatives may participate in the packing process. To aid them in this you will need to use smaller boxes. Smaller boxes also allow them to pick only the essential items and also have it easy when unpacking.

While packing it is also important to have the movers Barrie label all the boxes with wide letters and ensure they are each placed in the respective rooms. If the senior relative is moving in with you or you are all moving from one house to another, have him or her inform you of room preferences to ensure they are comfortable in new surroundings.


This is an important part because senior relatives tend to be under several medication. Get these labelled and packed after their last dosage and keep them with you; preferably in your personal car. This ensures they’re easily accessible incase of an emergency.

Personal Items

Senior relatives tend to be quite attached to their personal items. These could be items that aid in their day to day lives or just comfort items and memorabilia. Wherever possible be the person to do the packing or get another loved one to be in charge to ensure items like spectacles, walking sticks, dentures and hearing aids are packed. Any favourite games and collectibles should be packed and the room set in a familiar and spacious way to aid movement and accessibility.

Be There In Person

When planning to move with a senior relative or overseeing their personal movement it is important to be there in person. This gives them confidence and helps them in transition. Where possible, have a larger family and friends’ meeting. If the senior relative is living alone ensure you and a couple of relatives know the place and are present on regular basis as the senior relative settles in new surroundings.


It is more likely that the current house has been adapted to cater for the elder relative’s condition. Whether it is railings, lower cupboard shelves, lighting and easy access or even ramps and easily accessible washrooms. These fixtures should be maintained in the new home.

For the seniors, the challenge is dealing with the disruption that comes with moving and the time to settle in new homes. Try as much as possible to create familiarity to aid in their adapting to new circumstances.

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