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    If you have any questions regarding your move, our team would be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call at (647) 808-1297 or fill in the online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Trust the professionals at Vital Movers

    Either to or from Barrie, moving is a serious operation that is best handled by professionals. At Vital Movers, we hire only experienced team members who are friendly, courteous, and professional in order to provide you with the quality of service you want and deserve. Fully licensed and insured, our movers understand the importance of your time as well as your belongings and work quickly and carefully to pack, move and place every piece to your exact specifications.

    When you contact our sales team, you are on your way to an easy, affordable, and safe move. We provide you with a free estimate and guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or surcharges down the line. Being upfront is our business pledge so you won’t face unpleasant surprises later on. You can benefit from our experience with the hints we offer that will make your move simple and more efficient. Our truck and team will arrive on time, handle your belongings and furniture with care, and transport everything to its new location or store it if that is what is needed.

    Residential moves to or from Barrie

    Vital Movers is already well known in the GTA and we strive to provide the same high-quality service to our customers in Barrie. Your home is full of important possessions that represent lots of living and loving and we move them for you with the same degree of care as if they were our own. You have a lot going on when you move bit worrying about getting your things from one place to another is not a concern when you choose Vital Movers to do the job. We take pride in the efficiency with which we complete every move and are pleased to do it at a great price.

    After making arrangements with our sales representative, you will find out about saving money by eliminating unwanted and unused items. Another tip is to begin packing things that are not currently used so you save time when moving day arrives. We can provide packing materials and when the time comes, we disassemble items, wrap them and then reassemble them where you want them to be. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern so each piece is handled with care.


    Office moves done right

    In addition to all types of residential moving services, Vital Movers are experts at moving your office across Barrie and beyond. Your business is important so losing time is not something you want to do. We understand that time is money and we offer weekend and evening moves at no extra charge. Everything you need for your business is packed up carefully – from furniture and files to electronics and other equipment – and moved into your new space according to your specific instructions. As an additional part of our services, we can also offer cleaning and set-up as well as decommissioning and recycling for a small fee so that you have only your business to consider.

    All of our services are carefully explained and your preferences are listed so that there are no misunderstandings. You receive the benefit of our experience, expertise, and care, all for a reasonable charge that will never be changed by hidden fees or surcharges. Your move will be efficient and cost-effective – just as you expect your business to be.

    We are your long-distance moving professionals

    Any move can be stressful but when you are moving across a great distance – anywhere in Canada, the USA, or even abroad – the challenge is multiplied. That is where you can rest easy with our fully professional teams of moving professionals. Once you engage our services, the Vital Movers team will do everything possible to reduce the concerns you have and provide an efficient, professional service.

    Long-distance moves can require unique considerations such as moving pianos or vehicles and Vital Movers will handle these situations with the same care and dedication to your satisfaction as we bring to any move. All of our team members are fully and appropriately licensed and insured to conduct long-distance moves so you have nothing to worry about. We intend to meet and exceed all of your expectations so that you can begin life in your new location comfortably and in a timely manner.

    Emergency same day moving teams are available for Barrie

    It may not happen often, but there are occasions where the need to move arises suddenly. In that case, we not only can provide you with the means to move but with the professionals who will help calmly and carefully move your belongings to a new location or storage facility. Emergencies are no fun so Vital Movers will not add to your concerns by charging unreasonable fees. We offer you professional service with friendly, polite movers to make your same-day move as stress-free as possible. Quality care and upfront pricing are our promises to every customer and same-day service is no different.

    Vital Movers is the right choice

    There are many different moving companies who are interested in your business but it pays to go with a proven professional with a record of quality service. Experience, customer satisfaction and straightforward pricing are just a few of the reasons that many people have used Vital Movers and have recommended us to others. Our entire staff is dedicated to making your move into or away from Barrie as efficient and stress-free as possible and your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. With efficient, careful, and timely service, reasonable prices, and dedicated team members, your move will be smooth, simple, and carefree.

    Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate for your moving needs in or around Barrie, and don’t forget to ask about senior and student discounts.

    Long Distance Moving – Barrie

    Long-distance moving can be a very stressful process.  At Vital Movers, we understand this and make it our goal to take the worry and stress out of the move and make the endeavor as trouble-free as possible for you.  Our employees are properly trained and licensed for long-distance moving and have the knowledge to handle any problems that can arise throughout the move.  If you were to search our company online, you would quickly learn that our previous customers have acknowledged choosing Vital Movers was the right thing to do. Read more ->

    Office Moving – Barrie

    We understand Office Moving can be a very stressful undertaking.  That is why at Vital Movers we make it our mission to make your office relocation process run as smooth and proficient as possible.  Our distinct professionalism and dedication to our customers make us the perfect selection for all your office moving needs here in Barrie, Ontario. Read More ->

    Piano Moving – Barrie

    Moving a standard piece of furniture from one place to the next can be a considerably easy task, but moving a piano is a very different story!  A team of movers with the right skills and the perfect equipment is crucial to the success of the job.  Here at Vital Movers, we only employ the most qualified employees and possess only the latest and greatest equipment for this complicated task.  In the Barrie area, we are the premier choice for your piano move. Read More ->

    Commercial Moving – Barrie

    Here at Vital Movers, we understand that a commercial move can be a stressful undertaking, which is why we aim to make this process as worry-free as possible.  Whether your business is big or small, we have the most cutting edge equipment and the most capable workers in the Barrie Area to handle your commercial relocation. Read More ->

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