If moving a house is a big task, then moving an office is a gargantuan one. In addition to getting all of your company’s property relocated from one place to another, you need to get your business back up and running with as little delay as possible. With the proper planning and some very organized packing, your upcoming office move will be little more than a minor speed bump.

Office Furniture Moving

Office Furniture
Many furniture items will need to be completely emptied before the move. Desks, for instance, will need to be unpacked and reorganized at the new office space. Employees need to pack up all items files from their desks. Paperclips, pencils, pens and other smaller items can be sealed away in envelopes for storage. Carefully organize loose papers in folders and file them in crates.

Bookcases also need to be packed up before being moved. Pack books in boxes that are small and sturdy. Don’t over pack and make book boxes too heavy. Carefully label each box so that all items can be easily located later. Remove the shelves and tape or shrink wrap them together. Like desks and bookcases, the contents of lateral filing cabinets will also need to be unpacked into crates for moving.

Upright filing cabinets are the exception to the “unpack all office furniture” rule. You’ll need to ensure that items are evenly organized throughout the entire cabinet to create an even distribution of weight. If possible, lock the filing cabinet to secure its drawers in place. If it can’t be locked, secure each drawer with tape or shrink wrap.

Office Moving

Plants, Personal Items and Valuables
Small plants, as well as valuable or personal items owned by individual employees, should be moved by their owners. Talk with your moving company about their plant policies. They will often ask you to avoid watering large plants for a certain amount of time before moving them (as extra water adds to their weight).

Moving Office From To Barrie

Office Machinery
Your moving company will be particularly helpful in assisting you in moving your office machinery in a safe and effective manner. They may have special instructions for smaller machines such as printers or scanners. Many large office machines have to be professionally serviced by a technician in order to be prepared for a move. Talk with your moving company to find out what you need to do in order to plan accordingly.

The New Space
Before the day of the move, do a walkthrough of your new office space to figure out how it will be laid out. This way, you’ll easily be able to instruct the moving company where to put large items such as desks, cabinets and office machinery. As they unload boxes, have them staged in the areas where they will be unpacked.

Ensure that all of your IT equipment gets loaded on the truck last. That way, it will be the first group of items off the truck. Once it’s unloaded, your IT team will be able to start hooking up your phone and internet system. This way, by the time everything else is unpacked, you’ll be ready for business!

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