Moving to a new location can be exciting but it can also be a complete pain. Fitting your belongings into boxes and moving them from one place to another can be the most stressful thing. But let’s face it, many people wait until the last minute to begin packing, only to end up dumping everything in random boxes. This article will focus on moving tips that will ease the stress associated with transferring your belongings from one location to another.

  • If you wish to hire movers Barrie to help, you should make your reservations two to three or four weeks prior to your move day.
  • If you own large appliances including fridges, freezers, microwaves, televisions and more, you should check the manufacturer’s manual to find out if there are special requirements regarding moving. This will ensure that the appliance is moved according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that the moving process won’t void the appliance warranty.
  • When moving, some people are tempted to get rid of the kids’ toys and other items perhaps to reduce the volume of stuff to be moved. This should not happen. Children may have a hard time dealing with the change resulting from the moving process.
  • Always remember that some laws bar moving companies from transporting bottled gases, gasoline, explosives, ammunition, and other hazardous materials. If you own such stuff, you may need to get licensed transporters to get the materials moved.
  • Once you decide when to move, you should clean your basement, the closets and the attic.
  • On the day you will be moving, sort out any item that you will need immediately after moving; pack these items in a box that you can recognize with ease, and let this box to be the last one added to the truck.
  • Getting snacks for the move day is also a very good idea. Remember, that day you will be too busy to go to your kitchen and make sumptuous meals like the other days. Therefore, you will need something you can eat easily to keep your energy levels high.
  • Contact your electricity, water and any other utility service provider and cancel the services and schedule disconnection times a few days before your move day. After all, you don’t have to start worrying about these bills after moving.
  • Ensure that you have cleaned your stove before moving
  • Defrost your fridge a day before you move out
  • Moving is a costly process, and so, you must ensure that you have enough cash to pay for every expense that comes up.
  • Sometimes we tend to depend on our relatives and friends to move. What if they fail? Does that mean that you will not move? Always have a backup plan.


Moving is a tedious and costly process. However, when we have the right moving company that understands what needs to be done, the process can be pretty simple. The tips discussed in this article will help you to move safely and without spending much time and money.

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