Moving into a new condo can be both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Here, we provide new condo owners with some quick tips to help them move into their new condo with ease.

Start by going over your floor plan to assess which furniture articles can fit where. Try to be reasonable and realistic when going over the dimensions of each room, ensuring to get rid of any items that simply won’t fit the dimensions of your new condominium. The items can then be donated or sold during a garage sale.

Let’s not forget about one of the niceties of living in a condominium: amenities! Try and look at all of those convenient amenities as an extension of your living space. In other words, if you are a fitness buff and have a home gym in your current home then consider selling it if the condo you are moving into has an onsite gym. You can then use the newly opened up space to set up a recreational or guest room if you wish.

If on the other hand you are going the opposite route and actually need to purchase new furniture to fill up your spacious condo, then fear not. Many furniture manufacturers have been developed with condo living in mind where the pieces they manufacture are multi-purposed and can help you maximize your living space. Some examples include coffee tables that can be swiveled in order to become miniature dining tables, Murphy beds, computer nooks, and even armoires that can house the latest home entertainment hubs. These items are available in a multitude of different styles and colours, so do not hesitate to shop around for the best deals.

Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your condo manager to learn about the moving day procedure. For instance, you may learn that you’ll have to book the service elevator several weeks in advance, and you’ll also want to coordinate efficiently with the moving company to avoid any last minute disasters before the move. Always confirm all your moving day details in advance.

In addition, we would also recommend that you leave your pets and/or children (if able) with someone else on the day of the move. Considering condominiums can be quite chaotic on moving day, with people and items moving in and out via stairs, elevators, and lobbies, you will want to keep your children and/or pets safe and happy during the big day.

Furthermore, for the botanists reading this, you should go over the floorplan again when deciding where to set up your solarium. For instance, factor in where the windows and balconies are situated and what direction they are facing. Container gardening may be a necessity on the terrace or balcony, and certain plants thrive optimally in natural light conditions while others do not. Planning ahead of schedule can allow you to look for containers and pots, allowing your movers to transport them onto your outdoor space for you.

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