If you have a move coming up soon, you’ve got a long to-do list. One of the first items on that list is finding an excellent moving company. These handy tips will get you started on the path to finding a mover to help get you settled into your new home sweet home.

Ask Around
The best way to find a fantastic moving company is by talking to people you know and trust. Ask your friends and family members which Toronto-area movers they have used in the past. Post on social media and see if online friends have any suggestions. Talk to local real estate agents and see where they typically refer clients. This will help you start compiling a list.

Get at Least 3 Quotes

Of course, you have a lot to do in the weeks before you move. However, this is no reason to rush the process of choosing a mover. When it comes down to your actual moving day, having a reputable, professional moving company will be the difference between a day that runs smoothly or one that plays out like a nightmare. Get multiple written quotes. Make sure a representative from each company visits your home in person to see what needs to be moved before giving you an estimate.

Question Those Quotes

Make sure that you’re 100% sure about what’s included in each quote. Are there any restrictions on what can be moved? Does the cost you were given include moving everything in a safe manner—including any padding or additional protective boxes? The last thing you want is to get hit with a flurry of unexpected fees as the move takes place. This can elevate what started out as a very reasonable quote into one that’s well above the ones you received from other moving companies.

Do Online Research on Those Companies
Now it’s time to hit the internet and see what other people have to say about the companies you’re considering. Check online reviews, message boards and social media. Every business is subject to the occasional bad review, but be leery of companies that have a slew of one-star reviews or multiple customers making the same sorts of accusations about bad service.

If You Get a Bad Vibe, Move On
Finally, if something doesn’t feel right, move on to a different company. If you talk with a moving company representative on the phone who strikes you as disinterested, unprofessional or unwilling to answer your questions, hang up and call a different company. The same applies when they arrive at your house to give you an estimate. If you don’t like the energy you get from them, thank them for their time and tell them goodbye. A moving company that’s unfriendly or seems shady before they earn your business is likely to be even worse once you’ve signed a contract. To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, keep searching for the very best.

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