If you are dealing with the dilemma of hiring a professional moving company versus deciding to move yourself then perhaps the tips below can help.

First, you’ll have to determine how many things you have. Many truck rental agencies have online guides that can help you in this regard. For instance, a typical 10’ truck can help move an apartment, while a 26’ rental truck can move over 4 bedrooms. By using these guides, you can get an idea of how much it will cost to move all of your furniture and items.

The next thing to factor is how far you will be moving. There are websites-such as Budget-that provide estimates of how much it would cost to move from Point A to Point B, as well as how much it would cost for a return move versus a one-way move. In most cases, you can expect the cost to rise by about 50% if you opt to go the one-way route.

Then there are the added costs of gas + mileage when determining whether or not you want to hire a moving company or rent out a moving truck. If you decide to rent out a moving truck then you will have to use a mileage calculator as well as a fuel cost calculator, and then add the costs of gas and mileage to the truck rental fees.

If you are still at a crossroads about which route to take, then consider calling up reputable moving companies to get a free quote. Many will want to visit your home in order to provide a more accurate estimate, so you will need to factor that into your decision as well. You can also try getting online quotes, but they tend to be less accurate or outright lies in some cases, as many fraudulent fly-by-night companies post ridiculously low prices to try and dupe desperate movers.

Next, there is the matter of time. There are many options available and some moving companies provide loading, shipping, and unloading services only. Other companies offer additional services as well, such as packing goods prior to the move as well as unpacking goods once they’ve arrived at the new residence. If money isn’t an issue and time is, then hiring a moving company can help you save time and energy that can be spent focusing on other moving related matters.

However, if you have a budget that you need to stick to, then you should look into asking your friends and family to help you pack, load, ship, unload, and unpack your furniture and other items. Certain items may also be particularly fragile or valuable. In such an event you will need to determine whether or not you can, or want to, move such items yourself, or whether you want to leave the handling of such precious items to the professionals.

Regardless of whether you decide to go with professional movers or do it yourself remember that professional movers are experienced experts that can provide a smooth and stress free move.

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