Moving homes whether into a newly bought house or another rental is a taxing affair. Even with the help of professional companies, there is much more you have to do by yourself. Having a checklist in hand is a great way to ensure you miss nothing and all your property is ferried to the new house safely and timely. Usually the moving process starts a couple of months before the moving day. During this time several things need to be set in place. On the material day, however, there are a number of things that need to be done and this guide checklist will help you:                                                    


  • Store all equipment and items in durable, robust boxes that can be fastened tightly. These boxes provide protection from bashing and weather elements.
  • Audio-video equipment should be stored in their original packaging containers. If you are not sure of the different wire ports, label them and take photos of the back of the equipment before disconnecting to be able to fix them up properly in the new house.
  • All medicine should be stored in a plastic air tight bag with a zip
  • Get a separate container for kids’ items and have it packed last for easy access when they need a toy for example.
  • For important documents, money and jewellery pack them in a different box and have it with you upfront in your car and not with the rest of items on the company’s vehicle.
  • Ensure all boxes are labelled on the sides and bottom with the items therein and the room they’re to be placed in for easier unpacking.
  • Do not pack flammable and combustible materials like paint, bleach bottles, cans of gas and others. It is not only a danger to you but also against federal law for movers Barrie to transport flammable substances and material.
  • Check all storage rooms and spaces from the attic to drawers and the garage to ensure that all are empty.
  • Try to keep the weight of each box below 50 pounds distributing heavier loads into smaller boxes for safety and easy handling.
  • Have a box of basic household items and other things you may need during the journey and pack it last so that it is easily accessed.


You have to adequately prepare for the weather on the final day. If the forecast is for a hot day, get the fitting beverages and clothing and in the case of cold and even rainy weather, take necessary precautions and carry appropriate snacks and necessary protection.

Confirmation with the moving company Barrie

  • Talk to the crew assigned to handle your equipment to confirm your address and get to know the contact person.
  • Be sure of the expected time of arrival and any potential steps you have to take to clear room for the truck.
  • Make sure that prior to the moving day you notify all the necessary people and organizations of your change of residence and address. These include: friends and family, Post Office, local credit bureau and creditors, financial institutions you were dealing with, cable TV, Internet and other service providers.

You are going to be using your phone a lot so it is important you get it fully charged through the night.

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