If you happen to be a proud owner of pets and are planning on moving, then you may be worried that your companions will not handle the move well. Below, are 7 quick tips for moving with pets that will alleviate any fears that you may have before you move.

1. For starters, pets can actually sense when something is amiss, so keep things light and breezy by allowing them to relax in a comfortable and safe space, away from all the ruckus and chaos. For instance, you can place them in an unused room. Any familiar and quiet space should do the trick.

2. If your pets have had a tracking chip injected into them or some other identification tag, then ensure that the tracking device has been updated prior to the move. This may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but lost pets during moves are actually quite common. You want to make sure that in the unlikely event that your pets become lost during the big day that they can be safely returned in record time.

3. Furthermore, your precious pets should be in tip-top shape before the move, so take them to the vet to make sure that they are physically fit. Ensure that they have all the medications that they need, and that they have received all of the necessary immunizations as well. Check with your vet to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is up to date to travel, in the event that you are moving to another city, province, or country.

4. It is important to realize that, much like children, pets also get bored and need some time to get out and enjoy some fresh air. As such, you will want to map out the area and set aside designated break times so that your pets will remain comfortable and happy.

5. Keep your pets properly nourished and hydrated, so don’t forget to pack their favourite treats and an adequate supply of water for the moving trip. It also wouldn’t hurt to pack a few extra portions, in the event that you need to move into a hotel temporarily that doesn’t have pet supplies, or your trip ends up taking longer than expected due to traffic.

6. Pets should also never be left alone in a vehicle, as they may become ill or injured due to hot or cold weather, or poor ventilation. Pets have also been stolen when left unsupervised in a car or truck, and should never be placed in a moving trailer or at the back of a truck bed. For their safety, purchasing a safety/restraining harness and/or a travel crate is highly recommended.

7. You should find a new vet for your pets in the location where you will be living. Scout the area for any pet-friendly places in your new community, such as walking trails or dog parks, helping your pets adjust to their new home.

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