The paperwork is all signed for your new house, the deal is done and moving day is approaching. With a million things to do, you probably feel as though you’re running in ten different directions at once. As you’re zipping through your list of moving to-do’s, here are five tips that will make life much easier for you once you arrive at your new house.

1. Clean Before Moving In
Even if your new house looks spotless, give it an extra once-over before you bring your family and belongings. This means sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms. Wipe out all drawers and cabinets so that they’re ready once you start unpacking. It’s also a great idea to hire a carpet cleaner or rent a steam cleaner to make sure that any carpet in the house is free of dirt and allergens.

2. Pack a Suitcase with Things Youll Need Right Away
The last thing you want after arriving at your new home is to have to rip apart boxes to find a pair of pajamas for the first night, a change of clothes, or…where on earth did your toothbrush go? Pack a suitcase just as if you were going on vacation and include what you’ll need for the first few days. That way, you can focus on calm, organized unpacking instead of a wild hunt for essentials.

3. Colour-Code Your Boxes
If you’ve moved in the past and arrived at your new home to a sea of boxes with scribbled labels on them…boxes that all look the same from a distance…you’ll understand why this tip is a lifesaver. After you tape up each box, take a few extra seconds to tape a coloured sticky note on one side of it. Coordinate the colours for each room of your home: red for kitchen boxes, blue for bathroom boxes and so on. Write the contents on each label. This will make sorting out the mountain of boxes much easier as you’re trying to find necessary items in the first few days after your move.

 4. Hire Movers
While it’s tempting to save a few bucks and ask friends and family to help you move all of your stuff, it always ends up being more of a headache than it’s worth. The result is often broken items and an entire day spend doing a job that would take professional movers just a few hours to accomplish. Let the experts handle your move and have your loved ones bring you a nice housewarming gift, instead.

5. Call a Locksmith
You should also schedule a locksmith to come out to change all the locks to your new home right away. Yes, it’s unlikely that the previous owners want to come barging back in on you. However, you don’t know where they may have spare keys hidden or who they may have given one to. It pays to be on the safe side and make your new home secure.

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