Moving is a hectic flurry of planning and activity. Among those activities is figuring out how you’re going to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. With so many moving companies in the Vaughan area, how do you choose one? You’ll need to consider factors such as reputation, cost, and what services will be included in your estimate. This handy guide will give you a starting point in your search for the ideal moving company. Choosing the right one will help your moving day go from stressful to smooth sailing.

1. Working with Professionals is Important

Some folks are hesitant to hire movers. “I could save a few bucks and get my brother and some friends to help us. He has a truck and it’ll be easy,” they think. Many frustrating hours and several boxes of broken items into their move, they’ll be rethinking this decision. Professional moving companies exist for a reason. They move items all day, every single day. This means that they have the knowhow, experience and equipment to move you quickly without damaging your valuable belongings.

2. Do Your Homework

Hiring a mover is more complex than just simply hiring the first Toronto-area moving company you find. Essentially, you are moving your entire life and its memories from one home to another, so it’s important to work with someone who is professional and reputable. Ask friends and family for suggestions. As you begin compiling a list, check the reviews and ratings online to narrow your list down.

3. Get an On-Site Estimate

It’s important to have a representative from each moving company actually visit your home and see the amount of items to be moved before giving you a quote. This ensures that you’re not surprised with an unexpected, “This is more stuff than we quoted you for; we’re upping the price!” on moving day. Make sure you show them everything that you’ll need moved; don’t spring any unexpected moving-day surprises on them, either. Get all quotes in writing so you have proof of the estimate later.

4. Have a Clear Understanding of the Fees

As you get each estimate, ask what all is included in the cost. Will the movers pad and protect your items for this price? Are there any belongings that may need special protection and will this be an additional cost? Is there an extra charge for carrying heavy items down flights of stairs or through narrow hallways or doors?

5. Discuss Payment Terms

Be leery of any moving company that wants you to pay in full before the move is complete. A reputable company will typically have you pay the lion’s share of the total cost after the move is complete and you have accounted for all of your items. Once you’ve ensured that everything has arrived safely, you can feel comfortable paying for the move… and even tipping your movers if they’ve done a really good job.

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