When people think of moving, they typically think of moving to a new house. What if you’re a business owner and are planning to move to a new office space? Office moves come with a special set of considerations. Here’s a quick-and-easy guide to help make your office move go more smoothly.

1. Plan, plan, plan. An office move can bring operations to a halt, so plan in advance in order to book a moving company and have plenty of time to pack everything in an organized fashion.

2. Hire a reputable moving company in the Barrie area. Whether it’s a home or office transition, moving is stressful. A professional moving company can help the move happen more quickly and with fewer hassles.

3. Have clear communication with your employees and clients about the upcoming move. This will enable them to plan accordingly when it comes to meetings and deadlines. With careful coordination, you’ll be able to avoid huge delays or a major impact to your ability to continue on with business as usual.

4.You’ll need to remove any contents inside supply cabinets in order to prepare for your move. Pack them away in boxes and clearly label them so they can be easily located later.

5. Also pack any items that are inside desks. These items make furniture more heavy and can’t be left loose to rattle around during a move. Put small items such as paperclips inside envelopes for easy storage. Place loose papers inside files. Protect any glass items by wrapping them in paper before packing them away in a box.

6. Pack books and other heavy items in small boxes to make them easier to lift. This will make things easier for the movers, but it’ll also make it easier on you and your coworkers as you work to pack one end and unpack/get organized on the other end.

7. Clean as you pack. This means books, keyboards, photo frames and other decorative items. It’ll help leave your old office space cleaner and you’ll appreciate not having to wipe every item down as you pull it from a box in your new office space.

8. Before moving day, inspect your new office space to make sure it’s ready and you can hit the ground running once you unpack. Do a walk around and plan out the new space so you know where to tell the movers to put items as they unload them.

9. Office machines will typically need to be serviced by a technician and prepped for the move. Talk to your moving company in advance about what will be required in order to move these items. Schedule any necessary prep/maintenance in a timely manner so everything is ready on the big day.

10. Communicate with your landlord or building manager about specific rules and requirements regarding the day of the move. This may include aspects such as where the moving truck is allowed to park or which entry/exit they’re allowed to use.

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