1. For starters allowing your children to be a part of the moving process will help them feel like they are involved. For instance, you can allow them to have choices on decorating and decide the color of their room and how they want to organize it.

2. You should get rid of any toys that your children no longer play with and have them participate in the process of making room for new toys, as they will likely be upset if you tell them that you plan on donating their toys to a local charity. Getting rid of the unused items will also make your move that much easier.

3. You can reduce your own stress and give your children something to do by having loved ones babysit while your move. Children can get bored with the moving process as it can be quite tedious and time consuming, so keep them busy with activities with friends and family while you prepare for the big move.

4. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you purchase their school supplies before you move. Many families move right before the start of the new school year, so it is best to order well in advance. You can label the box and then put it away until the big day as you will be in the process of unpacking and settling in.

5. Rather than wait until the last minute to let off some steam if you are planning on moving to another city, province, or country then you will likely have some free time between packing and the final move to have some fun. Take advantage of that precious time to help distract your children from the anxiety and chaos that moving to another neighbourhood and home involves.

6. Once you have made the move, it is best to help your children settle in first by furnishing and decorating their room. The playroom should be the next to be setup, as it will distract the children while you finish unpacking. Next, take care of the kitchen, as children get hungry quick and quite often, not to mention your new home will truly feel like home once a few homemade meals have been prepared.

7. In addition, grocery shopping should consist of writing down the essentials and replenishing all your children’s favourites that may have been discarded after cleaning out your old fridge. Creating the list should streamline and accelerate the shopping process.

8. In addition, you should try and set up playdates for your children so that they can start making friends in their new community creating some fun and excitement for them.

9. You can help your children feel better after their first week at a new school with some of their favourite comfort foods and top it off with some homemade cake.

10. Encourage and listen to your children’s concerns and they will adjust to their new academic environment in record time.

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