Preparing to move can be an intimidating process. A professional moving company can help relieve some of the stress. Here’s a go-to guide for hiring the perfect Toronto-area moving company.

1. Ask Friends/Family
One of the best ways to find a great moving company is by having someone refer you to one they’ve used in the past. Surely, people you know have moved. Ask them who they suggest.

2. Do Online Research
After you’ve gotten the names of several companies, take to the internet and check out what others have to say about them. Are they highly-rated? Does a particular company have the same kinds of repeated complaints? This will help you narrow your list down even more.

3. Make Sure Theyre Insured
Even with the best moving companies, accidents can happen. Walls can get bumped and damaged. Belongings can get broken. People can get hurt. Insurance covers anything that may go wrong, so this is an important requirement in your moving company search.

4. Hire Specialty Movers for Specialty Items
If you’re moving something such as a pool table or a piano, hire a moving company that specializes in such items. A nice pool table must be disassembled and reassembled for a move. Meanwhile, an expensive piano requires movers who are experienced at moving these delicate and often-heavy instruments.

5. Get Multiple Estimates
Although it’s time-consuming, it pays to get estimates from different movers. This is the only way to ensure that you’re getting top-notch service at the absolute best price.

6. Make Sure Estimates Are Written and In-Person
Don’t allow moving companies to give you estimates over the phone. When they come out to your house, show them all of the items that will need to be moved. Make sure they’re aware of all stairways, elevators, etc. that will need to be used during the move. Also be sure they’ve measured halls and doorways for any large pieces of furniture. Get a written estimate so that you have it for later reference.

7. Get a Clear Idea of Their Rates
Also ask what a mover’s estimates will include. Will they wrap or cushion large items before it goes on the moving truck? Do they have any specific rules or exclusions that you should be aware of beforehand?

8. Compare Bids
After you’ve gotten several written, in-person bids, it’s time to compare. Keep in mind that the lowest bid isn’t always the best. In addition to price, compare what’s included in each quote. Sometimes it’s better to pay more to get better service.

9. Don’t Pay Large Deposits in Advance
Beware any mover that asks for a large deposit before they complete the move. This puts them in a position to financially hold you hostage if your items get damaged, don’t arrive, or if something goes wrong during the move. Always use a credit card to pay so that you have some recourse if you aren’t happy with the service you receive.

10. Choose a Mover

Once you pick a mover, you’re ready to go! On the day of the move, plan to be home to supervise things and answer questions. Have everything packed before the movers arrive. Inspect the condition of your boxes and belongings before you pay in full. After that, you’re ready to unpack and enjoy your new home sweet home!

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