Many people dread dealing with the kitchen before they move. Simply thinking of all those sharp knives, fragile plates and glasses, heavy pots and pans, and packing items can make some people shudder with anxiety. These issues can be amplified when dealing with the pantry, as you will not only be dealing with items that have expired but will also have to deal with items that will need to be unpacked as soon as possible.

When it comes to packing up your pantry, before you begin your move, you should start by cleaning the pantry, followed by clearing it out thoroughly. In other words, remove any clutter that you normally wouldn’t spend any time on removing and that you certainly do not want to bring to your new residence. Any expired items should be disposed of, and canned items that you no longer wish to use or know you will never use can be donated to your local food bank.

It is also best to do minor grocery shopping a few weeks before the big move. Instead, try and fill up on the existing items in your pantry, and wait until the move is complete before you splurge at the grocery store. Also, we would recommend that you eat out or have a few prepped meals ready prior to the move, as most of your dishes and food should be stored in boxes, not to mention you will be too busy packing items to find the time to cook.

All of your open food boxes should be sealed tightly before you move. Some examples include cereal and chip boxes, as they can easily pop open during the move and create a serious mess. As a result, you should save such items for last when packing, or, better yet, try and consume them before the move to save on time and space. If, however, any items remain, you should secure them with packing tape to avoid any unwanted messes.

A common mistake that many first time movers make is that they fill their boxes with too many items. Instead, avoid packing your boxes with too many items, and ensure that you use sturdy boxes with very thick dimensions so that they can confidently hold your heaviest pantry items, which will more than likely be your canned goods. However, do not simply store all of your canned goods in one box. Instead, try to evenly distribute the weight by filling half the box with canned goods and by layering the top half with lighter items; such as kitchen towels, noodles, chips, or spices. This approach should prevent you from injuring your back or the movers and ensure that your boxes don’t break during the trip.

Finally, ensure that you are in tip-top shape, in addition to your moving boxes. That is, you’re going to need quite a bit of energy and strength to ensure that your move is a smooth and easy experience. As a result, make sure to stock up on essential vitamins and minerals the day of the move so you can get through your move with gusto and verve.

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