Are you planning to move to a new house to/from Etobicoke? Being a neighbourhood city located towards Toronto’s western part, Ontario, it attracts a diverse population. Many residents of Toronto prefer moving to Etobicoke as it makes domestic and international travelling easier with a short drive to the airport. Further, it facilitates great transportation, education and employment opportunities that appeal to residents. 

As per the latest data insights, the average cost of staying in a one-bedroom apartment at Etobicoke is around $2,190 per month, while $2,441 in Downtown Toronto. Another key reason for moving out is the lower cost of living in Etobicoke as compared to Toronto. Also, affordable real estate pricing accelerates growth and development for its residents. 

If you are looking to move to Etobicoke and are looking for overall cost estimates, stay with us to know the cost structure and the best way to ease your house movement. 

House Moving Costs Estimation 

Plotting an estimated budget for house moving will give you an edge for seamless movements. Moving a house sounds too exhausting! Numerous factors like time and distance may affect your moving cost bifurcations. Let’s discuss integral elements that add up to your overall budget. 

You have two viable options for cost estimation: hourly basis or flat rate. You can pick the one that costs you less based on your research. Here is an average estimation of moving a house in Etobicoke, Toronto. 

Long or Short Distance 

Hiring two movers with a truck for a local move will cost around $110 to $140 per hour. It can further exceed based on more crew movers and extra trucks if required. On the other hand, long-distance house moving can range between $250 per hour and can go up to $4,000 based on weight, movers, and distance. 

Residential, Detached houses, Apartment or Town style Condos

Another factor that can bring variability to the cost estimates is your moving types. The estimated cost of residential moving in Etobicoke depends on the area, like 1 or 2-bedroom space or more. Here is an average estimate:

  • 1 Bedroom House – 1,000 to 1,250 square feet – $1800-$2500
  • 2 Bedroom House – 1,200 to 1,500 square feet – $2200-$3000
  • 3 Bedroom House – 1,500 to 2,000 square feet – $3300-$4500
  • 4 Bedroom House – 2,000 to 2,500 square feet – $4400-$7000

[exact rates may vary]

Also, the moving cost will depend on updated rates, moving duration and additional charges for commercial properties and condo moving. 

Packaging Cost 

Another significant cost included in your moving estimates is packaging. It depends on your choice of pack materials, double layers of protection for fragile items and a number of items. It might range between $200 to $1600 approximately.

Unloading Costs 

The unloading costs are mostly included in the overall moving cost estimates, starting at $100 and above. Also, the cost might vary depending on shifting space size. 

Key Factors Affecting Home Moving Costs 

As we have already covered multiple costs involved in house moving, let’s move to the factors that affect the estimations:

  • Distance: Long or short distance covered for house moving.
  • Number of items: As the items for moving increase, the estimated cost will keep on getting higher.
  • Packing: Professional movers have pre-estimated packing and unpacking charges; the rates vary if you opt for third-party services. Fragile items require tougher packaging.
  • Timeframe: The cost will fluctuate based on hours incurred for an overall house move.

Charges For Professional Movers Services

Relying on any trusted professional movers in Etobicoke will be a viable choice for getting good moving services at estimated pricing. It creates an overall quotation for your house moving that will get you a cost advantage of overall bundled services. Professionals have customised moving plans and offer a price lock guarantee as well. Depending on your preference, prices and flat rate estimations can be hourly for $250 to $500. You can connect with professional movers for a free quotation. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers!

Planning the whole house move on your own will take more time and effort than packing and moving the household safely. What if someone can plan everything for you? Professional movers ease your house moving with pre-decided estimates and build the best quotation for you. 

The benefits of hiring professional movers are cost-efficient opinion, organised planning, packing and unpacking, and safe transportation for your belongings. These movers have years of experience in offering damage-free and effortless house-moving services. You can compare prices and service benefits to find the best residential movers in Etobicoke.

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